Abdul-Qaadir Taariq Bakari-Muhammad was born, raised and currently resides in Hampton Roads, Virginia. He is a author and college graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Norfolk State University.  His passion for writing began in high school where he was always into doing research for various subjects and reporting what he found. Mr. Bakari-Muhammad writes erotica, poetry, speculative, and historical fiction.  His work has appeared in Zane Chocolate Flava 3 Z-Rated (2012), Corset Magazine (Man vs Machine: The Sex Toy Issue) (2013), The Horror Zine (Spring – 2014), Fiction Terrifica (2014), JWK Publications (Terror Train Anthology – 2014), Jack of No Trades Productions (Nothing’s Sacred Volume 2) (2014), Poetry & Prose Magazine: National Poetry Month (April 2015), Poetry & Prose Magazine: Fairy Tales and Fantasies! (May 2015), and  J Parle’ Literary Magazine (4th Quarter: 2015 Edition), J Parle’ Literary Magazine Issue 1 (2016), Floppy Shoes Apocalypse 3 Cream Pie Freaks (March – 2017), Schreyer Ink Publishing (June – 2017), Speculative 66 Magazine: Issue #9 (June – 2017), Infernal Ink Magazine: Devilishly Erotic Horror (July – 2017),  Rigorous Magazine: Volume: 1: Issue: 3 (July – 2017), The Were-Traveler: Issue #21 PhotoFlash 1 – Eleven Visions (September – 2017), Phantasmagoria Magazine: Issue #1 – Halloween Edition (October – 2017), Speculative 66 Magazine: Issue #14 (November – 2017), Weirdbook Magazine Issue #37 (November – 2017), Poetry & Prose Magazine: (January 2018), Phantasmagoria Magazine: Issue #5 – Summer Special (2018), Lustful Sins: A Collection of Erotic Poetry and Short Stories (2018), Fatal Intentions: A Collection of Short Stories (October – 2018), Phantasmagoria Magazine: Issue #7 – Halloween Edition (October – 2018), Phantasmagoria Magazine: Issue #8 – Christmas Special (December – 2018), Forbidden Love: Playing With Fire (January – 2019), Gruesome Grotesques: Volume#4 – In Space (February – 2019), and  Phantasmagoria Magazine: Issue #9 – Spring Edition (March – 2019).  He and his wife have three beautiful children. Please feel free to visit his websites. http://bakarimuhammad.com   He can be reached at http://www.bakari1992@gmail.com or https://twitter.com/Taariq757 and https://www.facebook.com/abdulqaadir.bakarimuhammad

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  1. Bakarim, It was nice to meet you Sunday. I have only glanced over your site this time…but eager to look it over more later~

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